Pictures of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony

  September 22, 2001 - Madison Square Garden, New York
  May 27, 2001 - New York


 August 26, 2001 - Rome, Italy
The text of Maria Sung's Open Letter to Pope John Paul II, published today in Italy's 3 largest newspapers, soon to follow on news agencies. Please distribute...

Italian (English to follow soon)

 August 23, 2001- Rome, Italy
Statement of Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington
 August 15, 2001
Statement Concerning Incorrect Presentation of Unification Teaching on Jesus Christ
 August 14, 2001 - Rome, Italy
Statement by Maria Sung Milingo
 August 14, 2001 - Washington, DC
Statement by American Clergy Leadership Conference
 August 11, 2001 - Rome, Italy
Statement by Mrs. Maria Milingo Wife of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo
 August 9, 2001 - Italy
PRESS RELEASE: Statement about Msgr Milingo, Via: Antonio Ciacciarelli
 July 27, 2001
Response to the Washington Post Article of July 25 - From the American Clergy Leadership Conference
 July 25, 2001 - Washington, DC
Response to the Public Admonition from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
 June 10, 2001

This personal letter is one of several communications that Archbishop Milingo sent to the Vatican during the last 40 days. They were sent by mail (to the Holy Father's office directly), by fax (via the Secretariat of State & the Press Office), and through personal delivery by the Archbishop's staff and friends in Rome. No reply has been received to any of the communications, despite the furnishing of fax numbers, phone numbers, and a mailing address as well. In the meantime, His Grace's supporters have been treated severely, and cut off from all contact with him. All attempts by the Archbishop to encourage and assist his former congregations, or respond to their concerns, have been blocked or impeded with threat of sanction. All efforts to seek an audience with the Holy Father have been ignored.

Now, the Vatican has issued a public ultimatum, despite the assurance of spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls to communicate privately to Archbishop Milingo first (ZENIT, May 28, 2001), claiming that they do not know how to reach him. Clearly, they continue to use the media to discredit and misrepresent the Archbishop, as well as seek public support for their position. Monsignor Milingo cannot even be sure that the Holy Father is aware of his letters.

For this reason only, His Grace has asked that this private letter, greeted with silence by the Vatican, be made public. With apologies to the Holy Father, he conveys this letter to you. He will be available for interviews after his return to the United States later this week from Korea, where he is visiting his wife's family and making preparations for their future life together.

 June 3, 2001 - Seattle, Washington

Archbishop Milingo responds to the statement made by the Catholic Bishops in Zambia

 May 26, 2001 - New York, New York
Archbishop Milingo's initial statement regarding his marriage to Maria Sung and association with Rev. Moon.

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