April 12 - Anchorage, Alaska   

" I am so happy to have met people like you with whom I can work, who have a heart for the Lord. I feel so blessed to have met Reverend Moon."

Reverend Bernie Flores

"I just met Reverend Moon for the first time at this speech. I am so
happy that he invited me. I like him. I want to follow him."

Reverend L. P.

"I agree, we need peace and unity throughout this nation
and the only way that will happen is through uniting as one nation under

Reverend Sandra Hayes

March 29 - Baltimore, Maryland

"I think his message was right on the money in terms of the importance of family and the importance of marriage being a sacrament."

Mary Beth Sodus, Baltimore attendee

March 24 - Mobile, Alabama

"Reverend Moon is one of the greatest religious leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries. You can't afford not to hear what he has to say!"

Dr. Wesley James,
National Baptist Churches of the Sonlight District of Mobile Alabama

"God gave Reverend Moon the vision and the truth for this time. As he said, he's just doing what God told him to do. Who are we to question God? We just have to follow."

Dr. Harold Toliver, Stone Street Baptist Church

March 23 - Kansas City, Kansas

"After hearing Reverend Moon, I definitely want to work with you."

Brother Travis Muhammad of National of Islam

"God blessed me tonight by allowing me to hear Reverend Moon. Please let me work with you."
"The Holy Spirit is here. Reverend Moon is a saint !"

Reverend Frank Williams of Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church.

"I'm sorry I questioned you so harshly when I met you. I truly appreciate and respect Reverend Moon. Nobody else is working to unite people of all races and denominations. I'm glad I came."

Pastor Andrew Ward, Church of God in Christ

"I've never seen such a mixed gathering of ministers. Don't let this be the last time!"

Reverend Vicente Moreno of Apostolic Assembly of God

"Today I taught Bible study to my members and told them that if Reverend Moon can pray 10-12 hours and preach 12-16 hours at a time, I can afford to give more, give extra, and go longer in our Study. I really want to work with Reverend Moon's people."

Rev. J.J. Woods of Bethel Baptist Church

March 14 - Denver, Cololado  

"Reverend Moon was awesome! That man is more radical than Farrakhan!
I really went home thinking!"

Robin Gordon, Denver community activist

March 9 - Seattle, Washington  

"A watershed event !"

David Hose, author

In a San Francisco area television interview :

"Reverend Moon is a preacher that is teaching us to love each other. If we don't learn this then our religions don't mean a thing."

Mother Wright of the nationally known Mother Mary Ann Wright Foundation

" When Rev. Moon became 80, like Moses at 80 he began his mission to lead the people out of the bondage of Egypt."

Pastor Connie Crawford Bansa of Chicago

March 3, 2001 - Miami, Florida

This was the second time I shook hands with Rev. Moon. The first time was 27 years ago when I was a 16 year old with an attitude and dislike for religion and religious people, and anyone who was not black. I was walking into the the New Yorker hotel, and he was coming through the lobby. He looked me straight in the eye and shook my hand, smiling. I had such a negative view of life at the time, I'm sure I was not so respectful. But I never forgot that look and handshake. So now I am receiving an award for my organization's work with the homelss and less fortunate, and get to look him in the eye and shake his hand, but with a lot more humility and gratefulness. It was the most memorable evening. Meet my wife, she says the evening was so beautiful.

Mr. Gaty Fields
Awardee for "Reach Out Across Miami"

I have been a fireman in Miami Dade County for 24 years, I know what it means to go into an area unwelcome even though you come there to save their lives, even risking your own life. And Rev. Moon even stated that in his words this evening. We are all God's children and should be united together. I believe in bringing all the races and faiths together under God.

Deacon Willy Pope
Deacon for Antioch missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Sun Myung Moon is a humble man. I am moved to my spirit with such a humble man before God who does such mighty works. I can respect and admire that. The program was so well organized.

Minister Carl Mohammad
Nation of Islam, Assistant Regional leader under Rasul Mohammad


Before tonight, I was a skeptical man. I did not really want to come. I was not so positive about this Rev. Moon. But now, after this beautiful event, I changed my view of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I now can understand where he is coming from. Thank you so much for inviting me here tonight.

Rev. Abdul Elamin
Guest of Carlos and Ritsuko Soto

It was a beautiful program. I loved the singing and praise. Rev. Moon is a man of God for our time.

Rev. Dr. James Francis

March 1, 2001 - Boston, Massachusetts

"The spirit of this banquet was exactly like what I experienced in the early 70's of Father Moon's initial speaking tours."

Dr. Anthony Guerra]
Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Divinity School

"I saw God in Rev. Moon with my own eyes. I felt the presence of God in him and with him. I was so impressed with his speech. And if God is for you, who will be against you? We all have a lot to learn from Rev. Moon. Rev. Moon's words are prophecies and every one of them went right into my heart. The world would be a better place if people will listen to Rev. Moon. He was right, when he said he was 18 years old instead of 81. I really enjoyed every aspect of the program. The Japanese Missionaries are teaching us real life of service and dedication in doing the work of God. They were here this morning to offer me flowers."

EIder Hightower
Revival Deliverance Edification Center, Mattapan

"Rev. Moon spoke the truth. I am very blessed, my family, my whole congregation were blessed. I am grateful and thankful to the FFWPU for inviting me. I learnt a lot from him. He is a good teacher, preacher, a man of God and a good example to everybody. Despite all the persecutions, rejection and attacks on him, he is not mad. Instead he is inviting everybody to his banquet to fellowship. As a woman preacher, I understood and appreciated his suffering heart as I compared it with my own situation. Even Christians cannot understand Jesus' deep heart until they receive persecution. There are few even among Christians who know real suffering. Because I have been persecuted as a female, black pastor, I understand well Jesus' and Rev. & Mrs. Moon's heart. I would like to embrace him. "

Rev. (Mrs.) Hightower
Revival Deliverance Edification Center, Mattapan

" I see that Rev. Moon has kept loving and forgiving others inspite of tremendous persecution. I understand well that he feels deep pain in his heart. I would like to work together with your missionaries in the near future. I wish my wife was around to participate and listen to Rev. Moon. Those who have never heard from Rev. Moon came to the Banquet to listen to the man himself. I think most of them were shocked and had to repent. Although the speech was long, people were excited because he spoke the truth. He preached what we as preachers have failed to preach because we are afraid of losing our members. It was a blessed occasion and I think all of us were blessed."

Rev. Jerome Edgerton
Rush Memorial AME Zion Church, Cambridge

"It was marvelous, beyond my expectation with regards to the attendance.
Father Moon's message was on target. The ministers were also impressed. You're doing a good job in Boston."

Bishop Erell N. Skyers
Shiloh Apostolic Ministries of Jesus Christ -Bridgeport, CT

"The speech and the banquet were pretty good and interesting. What Rev. Moon said was something we have tried long time ago. There were many language barriers (Spanish) and so many other difficulties. ln spite of that I am really honored to listen to Rev. Moon."

Rev. David Solis
Iglecia de Dios de Pro fecia

"It was wonderful and I had a good time at the banquet. Rev. Moon's speech was great! God is using him. I pray for his continuous success of his mission. I will write a letter to Rev. Moon."

Rev. Doyle (St. Ann's Spiritual Baptist Church, Dorchester)

"I agreed with everything that Rev. Moon said. My question is "How do we get the job done?"

Rev. & Mrs. Wright
Emmanuel Baptist Church - Worcester, MA

"It was very good. I would like to learn where Rev. Moon's teaching comes from."
Pastor Joseph Adade
New Life Apostolic Temple, Worcester

" I got really touched. Rev. Moon is so serious. His speech was very good. His speech shocked me and I couldn't sleep that night. I am going to Ghana for a Crusade from the end of April to July 2001. I would like to meet the members of the Family Federation for World Peace in Ghana. I would like to introduce Rev. Moon to the President (I have connection with the Government) if he has plans to visit Ghana. I know so many ministers and I would be glad to be in the forefront to introduce him throughout the country."

Pastor Joseph Owusu-Ansah
New Life Christian Center, Worcester

"The Pilgrim Fathers would be very unhappy by the way Father Moon was (has been) mistreated by America."

Oliver Shank - Elder of the Unitarian Church in MA (Korean War Veteran)

"How did you bring all these people here?"

Bob Semonian
Pres. of the Armenian Association in MA and member of the
State Committee of the Republican Patty

February 28 - Chicago, Illinois

"The reason I like Reverend Moon is that he brings black, white, yellow and brown together. God does exist. "

Rev. A.I. Dunlap
Chicago's Mt. Olive AME Church

" I am convinced that only a man of God and a man with a vision can bring families and communities together as one."
Rev. Earnest Hamilton
Pastor of Greater Holy Temple
Church of God in Christ

"True Family Values ministry cultivates the spiritual heart of our nation."

Reverend Henry Hardy

"I felt that the message was inspiring, as well as an inspiration. Reverend Moon you brought out the duties of a man, woman and child. In our society today those values seem to be evaporating."

Reverend James Hampton
Pastor of Zion Healing Temple
Church of God in Christ

"My church and myself were so inspired by the words of wisdom you shared with us in Chicago. I hope and pray that the rest of your tour will be as successful as Chicago. "

Pastor Frank Carpenter, Jr.
New Christian Joyful Gospel Baptist church

"Thank God for you I pray for the continuance of your strength as you carry the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

Rev. Harrison Bolton
Pastor of New St. Mary Church of God in Christ

"May God continue to bless you and the great work that you are doing in His name."

Rev. A. Harlold White, Pastor of True Light Church

"The opportunity of fellowshipping with you and all of the diversified men and women of God was so inspiring, that it was as if we were receiving the day of Pentecost."

Rev. John C. Lewis, Pastor of Seventh Day Word of God Church

"No matter what church, what nationality, whatever, you come together as a family and let your family come first, peace will come."

Life Center Church of God in Christ member, Tiffani Neubel, 19.

February 27 - Bridgeport, Connecticut

"In heaven there are not different places for different religions. The determining factor is the quality of one's love."
Reverend Sandra Steele
The Solid Rock Pentecostal Church
Middletown, Connecticut

February 26 - Newark, New Jersey

"This tour reminds me of the first tour of Apostle Paul, in Asia, because Paul preached an expanded understanding of the Gospel that was both exciting and seen with trepidation. Paul was opposed by people on his side. His reputation was well deserved as Saul, but Father Moon is unjustly accused."

Rev. Phillip Thomas
Church of God and Saints of Christ

"I am really impressed by the spirit here. This was the first of Rev. Moon's speaking events that I ever attended. I received tapes 15 years ago and I never attended an event. I'm really impressed with the spirit of unity amongst Christians."

Rev. David Rowe
First Presbyterian of New Milford

"I first met Rev. Moon during the days of CAUSA, and then participated in the True Family Values Seminars, taught by Dr. Hendricks. Many of my Bishops participate in FFWPU events. I can see that the spirit of this movement is really growing."

Rev. Gaudenocio Soriano
Supreme Bishop
Christian Faith Church

"I have know Rev. Sun Myung Moon for 20 years, since my days in Pennsylvania. This was an excellent speech and I like the ideas his expressed. Unification of the churches is what we must work for."

Bishop Best
Faith Restoration Center

"He's the one!"

Chairman, Minister Fishing Club
Rev. John H. McReynolds