Father and Mother Moon join for a photo with supporting clergy in Atlanta, GA., before the "We Will Stand" revival tour event on March 4, 2001.

  We Will Stand ! - Invitational Committee

Dr. Connie Crawford Bansa
Church of the Living God
Chicago, Illinois

Pastor T. L. Barrett Jr.

Superintendent COGIC

Archbishop Timothy Paul Baymon
President, World Bishops Council, Springfield, MA
Rev. & Mrs. James Bevel
President, F.O.R.U.M.
Chicago, Illinois

Rabbi Dr. David Ben-Ami
American Forum for Jewish Christian Cooperation
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Dr. Marion Bennett
Las Vegas, Nevada
Carolyn Bibbs,
President, Creative Life, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee
Bishop David Billings
Presiding Bishop, United Fellowship of
Churches International, Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Wendel Blair

New True Vine Missionary Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas

Rev. Dorothy Bledsoe
Walk in Prayer Mission COGIC
Chicago, Illinois

Bishop Fermin Bocanegra
Christian Wesleyan Church
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Rev. Harrison Bolton
New St. Mary COGIC
Chicago, Illinois

Bishop & Mrs. Ocie Booker
First Jurisdiction COGIC
Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Steve Braxton
Progressive Baptist Church
Chicago, Illinois

Mr. David Caprara
President, American Family Coalition
Wahington, DC

Rev. Edward Clarke
Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church
Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Dr. Shirley Coleman
Spiritual Wholistic Church of
Faith and Love
Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Helen R. Cooper
Westside Center of Truth
Chicago, Illinois

Bishop Anzie Cotton
Greater True Vine Full Gospel
Jackson, Mississippi

Bishop George Craig
Faith Refuge Apostolic Temple
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Dr. William Craig
Columbus Compact, Ohio
Rev. Levy Daugherty
Chairman, Martin Luther King Family
Life Institute

Bishop Willie Davis
Christ Rescue Temple Apostolic Church
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Rev. Patrick Demmer
President, Denver Ministerial Alliance, Colorado
Dr. Wiley Drake
First Southern Baptist Church
Buena Vista Park, California

Rev. A. I. Dunlap

Mount Olive AME Church
Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Jesse Edwards
Pastor, Pentecostals of Philadelphia
Rev. Charles Elliot
King Solomon Baptist Church
Louisville, Kentucky

Rev. Leroy Elliott
New Greater St. John Baptist Church. Board of the National Baptist Convention
Chicago, Illinois

Rev. William. Ephraim
Progressive Church COGIC
Colorado Spring, Colorado
Hon. Rev. Walter Fauntroy
New Bethel Baptist Church
Former US Representative

Rev. Charles Ford
Berean Baptist Church
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Dr. Stan Gravely
Church of Hope, Faith and Love
Kernersville, North Carolina

Rev. Jesse Griffin
True Vine Baptist Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rev. Terrence Griffith
Philadelphia Independent Ministers Conference
Rev. & Mrs. James W. Hampton
Zion Healing Temple
Chicago, Illinois

Rev. Charles Henderson
Greater Paradise Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas

Rev. Thomas Jackson
V.P. New Original COGIC
Hon. Donzella James
State Senate
Dr. Wesley James
Franklin St. Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama

Mr. Gary Jarmin
President, Christian Voice
Alexandria, Virginia

Bishop Wilson Jemison
Church of the Living God
Columbus, Ohio
Rev. Michael Jenkins
American Clergy Leadership Conference
Rev. C. Phillip Johnson

D. Phillip Johnson Ministries
Washington, DC

Bishop & Mrs. Ki Hoon Kim
Chicago Family Church
Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Rufus Kyles
Superintendent, COGIC
Houston, Texas

Bishop Lamar
Church of the Living God
Oakland, California
Dr. Cheryl Lau
Former Secretary of State
Reno, Nevada

Dr. Joseph Lee
Heavenly Vision Missionary Baptist Church
Los Angeles, California

Bishop Andy Luther
Full Gospel Baptist Church
Bishop Larry Magathen
The Bibles Way COGIC
Oakland, California

Rev. Robert Manaway
Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church
Seattle, Washington

Ed McAteer
Founder, President
The Religious Roundtable
Memphis, Tennessee

Bishop & Dr. William McCoy
Am I My Brothers Keeper
Chicago, Illinois

Rev. John McReynolds
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Newark, New Jersey

Minister Rasul Mohammad
Nation of Islam
Miami, Florida

Rev. Lester Mosely
Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church
Bishop & Mrs. C.C. Owens
Emmanuel COGIC
Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Joseph Paige
President Emeritus
Shaw Divinity School
Bunn, North Carolina

Rev. William Perry
Gospel Harvest COGIC
Oakland, California

Rev. C.J. Phillips
St. Phillips Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas

Bishop Roberta Porter
Dr. Milton Reid
Martin Luther King Family Life Institute
Norfolk, Virginia

Bishop Richardson
Anglican Church
San Francisco, California

Rev. Phillip Schanker
Family Federation for World Peace
and Unification
Washington, DC

Rev. Jimmy Slater
New Macedonia Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas

Rev. Jeff Snyder
President, Apostolic Coalition
St. Louis, Missouri

Rev. Harvey Starling
Rose of Sharon First Baptist Church
Garland, Texas

Dr. Paul Swanson
Professor Emeritus, Lutheran School of Theology , Chicago
Major General Ted Sorens
USAF, Retired
Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Hycel B. Taylor
2nd Baptist Church
Former Operation Push Pres.
Evanston, Illinois

Rev. Dr. Phillip Thomas
Church of God
South Orange, New Jersey

Dr. Harold Toliver
Stone Street Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama

Rev. Joseph Tranberg
Vietnamese Evangelical Assoc.
Hon. Zal Velez
Deputy Mayor
West Orange, New Jersey
Rev. Stanley Wachtstetter
Founder, Apostolic Coalition

Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker
Canaan Baptist Church
Harlem, NY

Rev. Joseph Waller
Missionary Baptist Church
Los Angeles, California

Hon. Jesse White
Secretary of State
Dr. Charles Williams
Greater Paradise Missionary
Baptist Church
Little Rock, Arkansas

Rev. Steven Williams
First United Methodist
Aurora, Colorado

Rev. Eugene Wright
New Life Missionary Baptist Church
New Hope, Minnesota