Break Down the Walls of Race and Denomination...
Stand Together: A Celebration of Faith and Family

Rebuild the Family,
Restore the Community,
Renew the Nation and World

(A Partial Listing)
Rev. T. L. Barrett, Jr.
Church of God in Christ, Chicago, IL
Archbishop Timothy Paul Baymon
President, World Bishops Council, Springfield, MA
Bishop David Billings
Presiding Bishop, United Fellowship of
Churches International, Brooklyn, NY
Pastor Wiley Drake
First Southern Baptist Church, Buena Park, CA
Rev. A. I. Dunlap
Mount Olive A.M.E. Church, Chicago, IL
Rev. Jesse Edwards
Pastor, Pentecostals of Philadelphia
Rev. Leroy Elliot
New Greater St. John Baptist Church,
Board of Directors, National Baptist
Hon. Rev. Walter Fauntroy
New Bethel Baptist Church
Former US Representative
Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
Imani Temple,Washington, DC
Dr. Paul Swanson
Professor Emeritus, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, IL
Dr. Hycel B. Taylor
2nd Baptist Church, Evanston, IL

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Special Guest Speaker:

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Agum Network In-Tracker

Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker
Canaan Baptist Church, Harlem, NY